Month: February 2023

Riders on the Storm, by Eugene Budden.

The Gathan-Dubha & the Twelve Winds of Color

As I write this, we’re preparing for storms in my hometown this evening. has warned us that: “There is a likely risk of severe weather today. Wind, tornadoes and hail are possible. Look out for damaging winds. Stay aware and be prepared.”

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Creating Prayer Beads

Some of the more fun items you can have in your arsenal of ritual tools are prayer beads. What makes them fun is that you can make them yourself.

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Goddess Dolls.

The Divine by Design

Lately, I’ve been working with five of the Welsh Goddesses: Rhiannon, Ceridwen, Branwen, Blodeuwedd, and Arianrhod. One of my primary goals while working with them

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Hexenkopf Rock.

Hexenkopf Rock

In the remote area of the Lehigh Valley, in the municipality of Williams Township, Pennsylvania, lies a phenomenon of sorts known as Hexenkopf Rock.

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Swans forming a heart.

Of Hearts & Swans

St. Valentine’s Day approaches, and although it was not a feast day or a festival for the ancient Celts, they did celebrate romantic love. The

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Magick Book.

Crafting a Spiritual Practice

Over the years, I have learned that everything we do, whether intentional or not, whether we’re magickal practitioners or not, all has an energy about it:

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Blessing the Whales.

Blessing the Whales

Whenever I get a few moments for myself (which isn’t very often these days!), one of the things I like to do is play mobile

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We have made it to a new magical year. Happy New Year! We have harvested everything from the field and put them to rest until

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Jack – O’ – Lantern

Let’s begin our season journey with the old classic a jack – o’ – lantern. This fun and wonderful pumpkin-carved face is an American tradition

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A Seasonal Spell

  For several years I have thought of this spell that you can do in the autumn and it will be manifested in the spring.

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Mandala Leaves

  A few weeks ago when I was pursuing Facebook I came across a picture of fall leaves painted as mandalas. These are the types

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