Creating Prayer Beads

Mage by Moonlight

Some of the more fun items you can have in your arsenal of ritual tools are prayer beads. What makes them fun is that you can make them yourself. With so many options of beads to use and energies to invoke, the possibilities are endless. The most common prayer beads are rosaries, with malas following close behind. Both of these and any other designs of your own that you might create can be used to help you concentrate while you meditate. You can also employ prayer beads in spells.

With crystals, semi-precious, and even precious stones, you can create a set of prayer beads for practically any purpose. Just as in meditation, they can be used to focus your energies during spellwork, as well. Depending on the spell, you could utilize your prayer beads every day, or during a full, new, or any other moon that fit your spell. Prayer beads can also be worn as jewelry or kept in your pocket. This gives them the ability to be used anywhere. Let’s say that you are having a stressful day at work. If you have your prayer beads with you, it would be very easy for you to take a break and use them to recenter yourself.

Here are some examples of crystals/stones associations:


  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Jade (wisdom)
  • Calcite (spirituality)


  • Rose Quartz (universal/gentle love)
  • Lavender Quartz
  • Emerald

These are just two examples of the many different kinds of crystals/stones you can employ in various combinations and styles for any prayer beads you might create. Besides using prayer beads for meditation and spells, you can also make them to carry with you for protection. If you are trying to connect with a particular astrological sign (yours or another’s), it would be very easy to make a set of prayer beads for that purpose, too. You can also make a simple set of birthstone prayer beads to keep you connected to that energy.

A book you may wish to check out is Pagan Prayer Beads: Magic And Meditation With Pagan Rosaries, by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn, Weiser Books (2007), ISBN: 9781578633845. It is one of the books I have in my own collection and that may help you if you are interested in working this craft into your own practice.

This is a wonderful and inexpensive way for you to add some beautiful, functional ritual tools to your practice. A solemn wish for much success in your prayer-bead adventures!

High Elder Redhawk


Cunningham Encyclopedia Crystals, Gem, & Metal Magic, Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn (1988, 2002). ISBN: 9780875421261.

The Second Book of Crystal Spells More Magical Uses For Stones, Crystals, Minerals . . .And Even Salt, Ember Grant, Llewellyn (2016). ISBN: 9780738746265.

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