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Natural Dyeing

There is something to be said about using colors you find in the natural world to beautify your life. Normally, that’s done by bringing flowers

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Since the time before the Christian church, people have been using eggs to honor spring. In the old Pagan traditions, the egg was a symbol of the sun and used on the spring equinox to honor its return.

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Knot & Net Magick

The lowly knot is, in reality, taken for granted. We knot our shoes, a garbage bag, a paper bundle for recycling, and even a package. We are using a knot just for utilitarian purposes, not realizing how much more a knot can actually do.

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Creating Prayer Beads

Some of the more fun items you can have in your arsenal of ritual tools are prayer beads. What makes them fun is that you can make them yourself.

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Magick Book.

Crafting a Spiritual Practice

Over the years, I have learned that everything we do, whether intentional or not, whether we’re magickal practitioners or not, all has an energy about it:

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