Category: Witchcraft

Glamour Magicks

I recently attended a talk on glamour magick, a subject we tend to overlook as a very useful tool. The very basic concept of glamouring is to change a person’s perspective. To have them see what you want and not what is there, a temporary mask. Such spells can be used for beautification, with love magicks, for protection, and for other purposes, as well.

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Knot & Net Magick

The lowly knot is, in reality, taken for granted. We knot our shoes, a garbage bag, a paper bundle for recycling, and even a package. We are using a knot just for utilitarian purposes, not realizing how much more a knot can actually do.

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Hexenkopf Rock.

Hexenkopf Rock

In the remote area of the Lehigh Valley, in the municipality of Williams Township, Pennsylvania, lies a phenomenon of sorts known as Hexenkopf Rock.

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