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Magickal Waters

To further our research in a potions study we’re currently engaging in during our Tuesday Tea chats at COFF. we covered magickal waters — which in and of itself is an interesting topic all on its own. When it comes to waters, you have many different options, from moon, to floral, gem and crystal waters, and even colognes. Waters can be used to enhance any of your workings and are very easy to create, to the point that with some waters, you just need to set a jar of water outside.

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Queen Guinevere's Maying.

Bringing in the May

A wonderful old tradition on May Day involves the giving of flowers and candies. In England, this tradition is called “Bringing in the May.” This is the time to go out and pick budding flowers off trees and bushes, such as forsythia, lilac, magnolia, and the like to bring in the spring.

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Mom's Craft Room.


WitchCrafting is a unique word. The word “craft,” in fact, conjures up all sorts of fun, creative ways to add some magick to your life — if, of course, you are a practicing witch. In reality, when anyone makes anything, there is always a little piece of themselves in their work, whether they are aware of it or not.

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Natural Dyeing

There is something to be said about using colors you find in the natural world to beautify your life. Normally, that’s done by bringing flowers

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Goddess Dolls.

The Divine by Design

Lately, I’ve been working with five of the Welsh Goddesses: Rhiannon, Ceridwen, Branwen, Blodeuwedd, and Arianrhod. One of my primary goals while working with them

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Magick Book.

Crafting a Spiritual Practice

Over the years, I have learned that everything we do, whether intentional or not, whether we’re magickal practitioners or not, all has an energy about it:

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