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Launching COFF!

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    Launching COFF!

    Welcome to the Celtic Order of the Féth Fíada (COFF), Questers! Founding and creating this online School of the Mysteries has been both a significant challenge/undertaking and a genuine labor of love for me.

    I had for many years been urged by family and friends to tackle this task. However, knowing what a massive amount of work and expense it would entail, I had always previously declined. But this year, a series of events occurred that finally led me to believe that a new and different kind of online School of the Mysteries was not only needed, but would also be actively sought out, welcomed, and frequented by many in our community. So, together with the generous and dedicated help of our fabulous programmer, Jacob Laura, and four of our wonderful Teachers — High Priestess NaturesChild, High Priest Redhawk, and High Priestess Adalia Fíodóra — I set about this past May to establish COFF.

    I myself actually began work on Beltaine, and we are launching COFF today on Samain. So, basically, everything you see here at COFF right now was created from scratch, purchased and integrated, developed, and/or implemented within a six-month time period — an enormously swift turnaround time that would not have been possible without everyone’s hard work and constant willingness to do whatever was needed to get COFF securely off the ground. While it is not yet in perfect shape, we still feel that at this point, COFF has, in fact, now reached the stage where it can be launched, set firmly on the Path of the Wise, and opened to initial Questers — a core group of whom have been waiting impatiently for us to fling wide its stout oak door in welcome!

    So, indeed: Hail, welcome, and well met, Quester!

    However, as you explore COFF’s sites and halls, please do keep in mind the fact that this is only the beginning. There is still much more to come, all of which will gradually make its appearance in due course. Like all schedules, COFF’s own has undergone a few setbacks and delays, principally due to the fact that, among other things, during the course of our work, I needed to pause to assist my 87-year-mother when she was hospitalized with heart and COPD issues for days, then sent to rehab for three weeks; and to undergo two outpatient surgeries myself. Thank goodness, both of us are now on the road to recovery. Seeing COFF come to fruition has not only proved a dream come true, but also just the medicine we both needed to get back on our feet again.

    COFF is a relatively complex site, with four primary moving parts. But after endless testing and refining, we nevertheless believe that everything here is currently working seamlessly and smoothly. If you discover otherwise, please let us know at: techsupport@fethfiada.org. If, after perusing our site, you still have questions, please contact us at: studentservices@fethfiada.org.

    In the meanwhile, please feel free to explore to your heart’s content — and after doing so, we hope you’ll join us: https://fethfiada.org/store/enrollment.php

    Brightest Blessings!
    APs Rhianwen Bendigaid
    Founder & Director of Studies
    Rhianwen Bendigaid's Signature Tag.