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Trouble with importing avatar

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    Trouble with importing avatar

    Hello, I'm having trouble getting my avatar to take on its new form. When I edit avatar and select the link radio button and paste my imgur URL, it tells me the file type is not a valid image. I've tried with several imgur links and received the same result.

    edit: I meant to post this in "speak to the steerers" now I can't delete the topic to move it.

    Hello, Raynwyn. Whenever you edit your avatar, you must choose: "Copy and paste an image URL from a hosting site," and then enter the direct link to your image into the box just beneath that. It must be the direct link and not the BBC code. Your avatar image needs to be in a standard format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), and no larger than 200 x 200 px. You can find more detailed instructions here: https://fethfiada.org/forums/forum/p...ange-my-avatar and also in the Introduction to COFF lesson. Let us know if you continue to have difficulties.
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      I figured out what my issue was and it may be good to know for new students who have to create a new imgur account. When I created my account, imgur placed me into a new beta version of their site. "Direct Link" was not an option at all. I used every single link version i could find but nothing worked. When my mom logged into my account and uploaded my avatar for me, I bout blew my cauldron because i still couldn't get it to work for myself and I followed all the instructions repeated to me over and over again minus the Direct Link button. I even used Flickr which also didn't work.

      It felt like a week of trial and error before I realized their was a button that said "leave beta version" in imgur. Once I did that, I found the "Direct Link" option. One of the issues I see this presenting is that anyone who is not using imgur or is using the beta version will not be able to upload any images. It HAS to be imgur's direct link. It would be nice to have more options available to upload.


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        Raynwyn, thank you for letting us know that Imgur placed you into their beta version. But as you discovered, you don't have to use it, and many people do indeed opt out of it. Yes, if at Imgur, you do need to employ their direct link for uploading graphics.

        However, there are, in fact, numerous other options available, including: Flickr, 500px, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos, Apple iCloud, Adobe Portfolio, ImageShack, Photobucket, SmugMug, Dropbox, and Facebook. You can learn all the pros, cons, and any costs associated with these here:


        As far as I am aware, they all have their own version of the direct link.