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How Do I Find New Topics & Posts?

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    How Do I Find New Topics & Posts?

    The easiest way to find new topics and posts is simply to look at the open books in the lefthand column on all the Forums pages. As shown in the graphic below, plain open books (The Fisher King's Wharf) have no new topics and/or posts, while open books with a quill pen and inkwell (The Swan Boat) do have new topics and/or posts:


    You can also check "Today's Posts" and "New Topics."
    For further information about this method, see: https://www.fethfiada.org/forums/hel...al_new_content

    Alternatively, you can click on the "New Topics" link at the top of each Forums page, then perform an advanced search for topics and/or posts by subjects, members, and/or tags.
    For further information about this method, see: https://www.fethfiada.org/forums/hel...general_search

    Last but not least, you can click on your Username > User Settings > Notifications, and let the Forums know you want to subscribe automatically to any board or thread you post to and/or to receive email notifications about any and all new topics and posts.
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